Looking For That Special Children's Gift

Parents, family and friends of kids, here at Gifts2TheDoor we know that buying them toys can be a long and sometimes confusing process. There are so many choices, and it’s often difficult to work out what type of gift is appropriate for what age, so we have organised this article into age categories, to simplify the present buying process, and make sure you purchase the perfect present for any child!

0 – 1 Years

Babies go from being able to do very little, to crawling, possibly even standing up or even taking their first steps. In the early months they will not be able to hold a toy but will love colourful things, and items that include music and sound. We think our cute Goldilocks and three bear finger puppetswould be a perfect choice. And when they learn to grip, nothing will escape there eager clutch! Why not try one of baby girl or baby boy teddy bears with matching blanket, in either pale pink or blue.

2 -3 Years

During this time, it’s all about mobility, and getting around. Toddlers love to see how things work, so if you don’t want your own things being part of the experiment, ply your little explorer with some of our recommended distractions. What about a Wallace and grommet alarm clock to inject a little fun into the mornings - this can help toddlers to familiarise themselves with time as well.

3 -4 Years

Children at this stage will learn how to interact properly with others, so providing them with games and actives for more than one person is a good idea. For the wannabe fashionista why not try a style design book? For the budding gardener, their very own garden tool belt or apron, complete with a fork and trowel? And for the mini dare devil? Nothing other than his or hers very own space hopper of course to provide hours of space hopping delight!

4 – 5 Years

Just about to embark on their schooling life, children at this age absorb information like sponges. Many a happy smile will be seen at the sight of one out our ‘Natural World Science’ kits, to help them discover the world of creepy crawlies. Or what about a ‘Crayola Colour Explosion’, to let their artistic skills flourish. Failing that, you can win most kids over with lollies (preferably, lots of). And if you are going to give lollies you can’t go wrong with one our ‘The Lolly Box’ which features an array of ‘Naturals’ goodies (no artificial colouring or preservatives in sight!)

I hope this childrens gifts guide has been of use to you, and you manage to buy the perfect gift for your little youngster!