Looking for the right gifts for her?

Well let us here at Gifts2TheDoor take the stress out of it! We all know that women can be complicated beings, so we’ve split them into a few major categories to help you whittle down some gift ideas. Don’t forget though, women can be rather sneaky too, and often cross-categorise so bear that in mind whilst browsing!

The Pamper Princess – Spa bubble baths and manicures are what this lady is all about! Weekends are spent pampering herself with the latest ranges of beauty must haves. If you’re well and truly stuck, you can take a safe bet with pamper products, after all, there’s a little bit of an indulgent side in every girl! We think she’d love our skin salad, or perhaps our juicy mango gift set.

Little miss giggles – We all love to laugh, but especially this one! Be it huge practical pranks or witty one liners, this lady loves to laugh and make others laugh too! Why not indulge her funny sense of humour with our hilarious racing nuns or what about some truly chuckle-worthy racing granddads?

The Career Woman – This woman has a jam packed schedule all week long, and anything to help her keep organised and ready to face the world will be much appreciated. We think she’d love our diary and pen gift set to make sure she’s always on time or for an alternative what about our mini Sudokugame to entertain her on the commute to work?

The Sporty Chick –Tennis, football, netball, you name it, they love it. Oh, and gym is their second home.  Yep, they’re into their sport big time. So why not treat her to a pedometer, or how about a nifty beach pack.

The Queen of Sparkles – Whether it’s in your face ‘bling’ or a more understated pearl ear-ring, they love their jewellery. And we have quite the selection that should meet all of their sparkly demands! Check out our cute charm bracelet, or why not indulge her with a pretty amethyst necklace?

The Gadget Girl – The latest gadgets and gizmo's are high on their wish list, and fortunately for you we, we here at Gifts2TheDoor are well equipped! What about one of our telescopic back scratchersthat extends to the offending itch! Or our ‘Tell me what to do spinner', spin it and it gives you the answer!

We hope we here at Gifts2TheDoor have helped in your selection of your gift, and maybe even made you smile! And of course don’t forget, for the perfect complimentary gift; why not send some chocolate (we highly recommend our yummy chocolate extravaganza!)  – The way to every girls heart!