Looking for the right gifts for him?

Well it just got a little easier. Let's have a light hearted look at what men really want! At Gifts2TheDoor we provide a wide range which covers all sorts gifts for him. Lets be honest, men are simple really! So we have decided to categorize them to make it a little easier. Now, you have to remember that although simple, they can cross categorize (we thought a little praise was deserved!)

The Drinker Guy – Well they either like their beer, wine or spirits. So we stock three different beer hampers, half a dozen wine hampers and a selections of tempting spirit based hampers.

The Sport Guy – We all know one of these. Saturday is spent glued to the sport channel all day and Sunday is not a “day of rest”, more of a day of pars and eagles! Yep, they love their sport! If you are looking for a gift for one of these types, then check out our soccerpool and Cricket gift sets.

The Modern Man – Don’t laugh, they do exist. Right for these guys we have great male pamper packs, skin creams and great after shaves.

Mr. Gadget – Lets be honest, every guy has a bit of gadget in him, even if he won’t admit it. Watch at Christmas when he spends the afternoon playing with his sons, nephews of younger brother’s new remote control toy! Now this type of guy likes anything that makes life easier or more fun.  Now a pair of walkie talkie watches would make his day, especially if you promised to wear one and be at his beck and call! Or what about an electronic breathalyzer, this would cover the gadget guy and the drinker (two for the price of one). You could try the dynamo powered mobile phone charger and he would never have an excuse to not phone you again!

The Adrenalin Junkie – This type of guy likes to live life on the edge and to the full. Well we have to admit that we don’t currently provide wild and wacky days out yet, but you could go for the remote control car or helicopter ….maybe you could set up a race track in the family room with pieces of furniture!

The Romantic – Ok, Ok, I know. But remember back! Well if you are trying to find gift for one of these, then you can’t go wrong with our 52 weeks of romance or 52 weeks of naughty nights.

Well we hope we have bought a smile to your face, been able to assist with your gift selection, and given you a few ideas of gifts for him.