Learn how to wrap your gifts like a pro with our gift wrapping Guide!

Do your gift wrapping skills put you to shame? Do your loved ones, year after year, receive gifts that look like they’ve been wrapped by a three year old?  We hate to blow our own trumpet, but on this occasion feel it’s probably ok. All of us here at Gifts2TheDoor are pretty fantastic at creating beautifully wrapped gifts. So to help you out, we have compiled a step by step gift wrapping guide that will have your relatives and friends bowled over!

Step 1

Before you even think about wrapping Grandma Margret’s tea for two set, gather your wrapping materials*, and lay them out clearly before you.

*We suggest you will need; a gift, wrapping paper, scissors, clear adhesive tape and a pencil. A matching gift tag, ribbon and bows etc will also help with the appearance of the wrapped gift.

Step 2

Place the gift along the length of wrapping paper and unroll enough paper to wrap it around the gift, leaving at least a 2-inch overlap. Make sure there is enough wrapping paper at each end to cover the ends completely when folded over.

Step 3

Use a pencil to mark where this overlap ends and cut the wrapping paper in a straight line at this point. Fold the paper or using a ruler to ensure you get an accurate cut.

Step 4

Fold the wrapping paper at the ends of the gift into two neat triangular shapes at either end. Trim any extra gift wrap so that the remaining is long enough to cover the box but short enough to fold over neatly.

Step 5

Open the paper you've just cut and place the gift at the center of it (Make sure it is unprinted side down!) Now would also be a good time to prepare your adhesive tape, cut it into strips, ready to use.

Step 6

Bring one length side rim of the wrapping paper to the center of the box and secure it with tape. Turn the opposite edge of the paper under approximately 1 inch and bring this to the center of the box as well so that it overlaps the first edge, tape this down.

Step 7

Position the gift box so that one short end is facing you. Grasp the left and right edges of the wrapping paper and push the sides in so that top and bottom flaps are formed. Make sure the edges are pushed in as far as they will go without ripping the paper. Tape the edges to the box.

Step 8

Bring the upper flap down against the side of the box, making sure the flap is sharply creased at its folds. Tape the flap to the box.  Then bring the lower flap up against the side of the box. Crease and secure it as you did the upper flap. Repeat for the opposite end of the box.

Step 9

Whilst your gift is now essentially wrapped, it might still look a bit boring. So, to pretty it up, position the package so the seamless side is facing down.  Then wrap a long piece of ribbon around the gift box lengthwise, twist the ribbon at the lengthwise seam to wrap it around the box width-wise.

Step 10

Turn the box over so that the seamless side is facing up and tie the ribbon into a bow on top of the present where the ribbons cross. To curl the excess ribbon, use the sharp side of a pair of scissors, and pressing the ribbon into the scissors, pull the ribbon along – be extremely careful when doing this.

Step 11

If you have a card, attach some tape to the back of it, and slide it under the ribbon.

Step 12

Hand over you gift to the chosen recipient, and feel smug with your new found wrapping skills!

We hope we’ve helped, and don’t forget, you can always order a gift from us, where one of our gift wrapping guru’s will do it for you!